Huddersfield Cloth at the Races

A traditional English day out for Huddersfield Cloth

Mens Health

Huddersfield Cloth hits the big time magazines with Mens Health

New York, June 18th

Huddersfield Cloth arrives again in the Big Apple

Welcome to Huddersfield Cloth

Huddersfield Cloth is the world´s foremost provider of English Wool Worsted Suit Fabric - servicing the finest tailors, inspired clothiers, world class designers and retailers - wherever the highest quality suit Fabric is demanded.

Situated in Huddersfield, the heart of Yorkshires suit fabric industry in England. We enviably service the most established of Tailoring/Clothier/Menswear houses in all major cities across the world.

Our unrivaled reputation mixed with our modern approach adds a whole new level of customer services to our locked in traditional values; we utilise the latest technology with a simple, innovative interface custom-built for Huddersfield Cloth, ensuring that our service is second to none.

You can access our Suit Fabrics, Jacketings, Linings and Shirting Fabrics at any time through our website, by simply creating an account and we'll apply your trade discount on approval.

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